What if my hip just gave out in a lift? What if halfway

The next day was the day of the short program. The 25 minute practice that morning reminds me of a moment in a movie. I tried warming up my Lutz but it wasn working. When I went back to my coach he finally said, one more Lutz, if it doesn work then you withdraw. I kept circling and circling, trying to clear my mind enough to somehow make this jump happen and just as I was about to go for it Meagan skated up to me and said, do the toe. Every element in the long program felt incredibly difficult. I started to think the long program would be impossible. What if my hip just gave out in a lift? What if halfway through the program it became so numb I just had to stop? That was when I felt the most despair, and was ready to tell my team we had to withdraw. I got a text from our team leader and my coach saying we needed to have a meeting.

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