“We don’t like two tier bargaining

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wholesale replica designer handbags 1, 2019, for a total of 4 per cent over the length of the agreement.New employee concessionsTo get this deal though, Fennell says, some concessions were made for new employees.”We don’t like two tier bargaining, but we also didn’t want a strike at Christmas, so our members thought they got the best they could get.”New employees will not be eligible to receive two vacation travel allowances after five years of service, as current employees are. They will only ever be entitled to one payout a year.First on the agenda is firefighters and dispatchers’ schedules, which he says need to change.”They’re stuck with a schedule that’s leaving morale very low. The city has a risk assessment report that says that’s the most dangerous schedule both because they’re fatigued and it’s a danger to the public because they are fatigued.”Currently, firefighters are working six days a week on eight hour shifts, according to Fennell wholesale replica designer handbags.

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