note This is a canonical mistake

Orbital Bombardment: A Republic Admiral ends up bombing one of his own worlds in response to 711. The Senate does not like this. Pyrrhic Victory: Technically, the Battle of Kamino ended in a Republic victory. Ramming Always Works: 711 is fond of this trope. Either both ships explode or his army of robots takes the opportunity to preform a boarding action, either way works for him. Redshirt Army: As per canon, the Droid Army, made up of cheap and expendable battledroids. Until 711 creates the Network, linking all the droid brains together, and allowing each battledroid to share it’s processing power and data, turning them into a horrifying army whenever 711 is in command. Rouge Angles of Satin: Happens on occasion with Star Wars words, for example: Obi wan gets called “Obiwan” a bunch of times. Padme gets referred to as “nubian” instead of “Nabooian” on a few occasions. note This is a canonical mistake, dating back to Episode I, where the Royal cruiser of the Naboo is identified as a ‘Nubian’ ship, causing many fans to think that people from Naboo are called that. Shaak Ti sometimes gets referred to as Shaak’ti. Sadistic Choice: 711 gives one to the Republic near the end of the Battle of Kamino: finish off his crippled naval forces in space and watch Tipoca City be destroyed, or save the city, and leave his fleet intact. Self Insert Senseless Sacrifice: Towards the beginning of the Battle of Kamino, Anakin leads a wing of fighters and bombers on a suicide run to take out the massive Ion Cannons on the Separatist mothership, losing half his forces in the process of blowing them up. The cannons were decoys. Shout Out: “By your command.” “Just as planned.” Superweapon Surprise: The ion cannon in the Battle of Kamino wasn’t really destroyed. Surprise! Too Dumb to Live: A random Neimoidian captain bumbles some bootlicking in regards to Ventress, and ends up demoted almost immediately. He decides that shouting at the Darksider with spittle flinging from his lips will make her see his way. Three guesses how that went. Warlord Gout, who really should have seen it coming. Unstoppable Rage: Padme hits Grievous with some EMP grenades, electrocuting him and launching him into a murderous rage that nearly results in her death. Which gets turned around immediately, as Padme is on the comlink with Anakin, who hears her screams. Oops. True Companions: Obi wan sticks with Anakin, even when he does something dumb like get Padme pregnant. Villain Protagonist: He’s a Separatist general, and he’s really really good at it. War Fic Wham Line: The use of the Pride of the Core as a Colony Drop. “Her engines are online and are at full burn,” whispered the sensor comms officer in dull horror. “She’ll hit Kamino, six thousand miles from Tipoca City in under an hour.”.

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