I do admit a straight razor shave is a great experience to have

Aside from your apparent distaste towards religion, have you ever even read the Christian Bible? It seems to me that it is the most attacked book, and those attacking it usually have not read it in its entirety to fully back up an argument against it. A scholar who argues against a point that he has only heard of, but not truly researched himself (which in this case would, in fact, require you to read the whole bible) http://courtneylansdowne.com/the-avengers-in-exile-captain-america/, is usually discounted as having a strong opinion, not a strong argument. I would encourage you to read the bible with an open heart, and pay special attention to the correct context. In fact, I want you to have the best argument possible. I just wish to see people using real evidence when presenting any opinion on a controversial topic. God bless you

Where on your face does it feel like you going to cut your lip off, and which direction(s) are you going?My first mustache stroke is always straight down from the nose. I stretch the area by pulling my top lip down over my teeth (as if I were mocking someone without teeth), then hold the razor flat against the bottom of my nose and scoop downward. The spine is always touching my skin as I continue downward. Here is a video which might help explain.After that it pretty straight forward. I go with the grain on both sides, and if I feeling up for two passes, I start with the exact same first stroke, but then I go across the grain from my nose outward.I always curl my lips inside my mouth when I shaving in that area. Make sure you run warm water, moisten your upper lip cover it with shaving cream start from the nose and shave downward. You will shave with the grain not against it. Make sure you take your time and do this to the whole upper lip until a small amount of stubble remains. Now the tricky part which is shaving upwards to create a baby soft skin feel. Rinse your face and lather shaving cream on your lip once again sometimes the cream is not needed depending on how sensitive your skin is. Start from the bottom and work the razor up in small strokes (be very careful when going up). Once this is done you are complete. Commiecat has a great strategy also but good luck and the more you do it the more comfortable you will feel. Since when does shaving with a straight razor define you as “shaving like a man?” This is simply ridiculous. I do admit a straight razor shave is a great experience to have, but it is simply ignorant to not take advantage of technology today and invest in something a little more practical. The razor you are using was invented in the late 1800 early 1900 If you are not comfortable with using the “straight edge razor” maybe you need to take my advice in the first comment I left and get a Gillette. How much money are we talking about saving here? Not enough to amount up to anything significant.

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