Even though they’re ”both” in [[FreefallRomance freefall]]

In many ways it’s the [[TheClimax peak]] of the RomanticArc: now that the [[StoryArc story arc]] is resolved, WillTheyOrWontThey The leading punch introduces an extra smidgeon of tension right before TheyDo. Though the slapper is not always female nor the slappee male, when the [[GenderInvertedTrope genders are inverted]] the initial act of violence tends to be [[WouldntHitAGirl less aggressive than a punch or a slap]]. In ”Anime/EurekaSeven”, Anemone, who has only just realized she is in love with Dominic, goes to save him, and when she accidentally knocks him out of the air with her mech while he’s falling from the sky, he clings to a board to try and save her. Even though they’re ”both” in [[FreefallRomance freefall]], she takes the time to admonish him for doing something so reckless, and kisses him.

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