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Earlier this year, Quebec and Ontario courts approved a settlement agreement with members of a Canadian class action lawsuit who bought or leased certain Volkswagen or Audi vehicles with diesel engines caught up in the emissions cheating scandal. Emissions tests. After software was found in certain diesel vehicles that made it appear as though the cars were producing fewer emissions than they really were..

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Instead, all of Chicago’s Prohibition era Irish Gangs united

See also Foregone Conclusion and Names to Run Away from Really Fast below. Instead, all of Chicago’s Prohibition era Irish Gangs united into the Chicago South Club, which outlasted, then absorbed, the Outfit. The Joker is a particularly poignant example; initially a murderous criminal who just happened to look like a clown and sometimes use modified joke paraphenalia in his crimes, the Golden Age Joker went from a cold, grim and relatively rational but bad tempered professional criminal to a harmless and super wacky “robbing jester” during the Silver Age stories.

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